Here’s our list of futsal courts in Tokyo.

National Showa Memorial Park (Tachikawa City, Tokyo)

There are two 38m x 18m futsal courts at the National Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa, Tokyo. The courts are available for use with a 200 yen per ball per use limit and a 200 yen deposit (to be returned later).

Shibaura Central Park (Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Shibaura Central Park in Minato-ku, Tokyo has one futsal court with rubber-tipped artificial grass. Use of the futsal court costs 1,200 yen for 2 hours and 500 yen per hour for lighting. Sportsnet individual registration is required to use the court.

Miyashita Park (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

The futsal field at Miyashita Park in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, has two 30m x 15.5m rubber-tipped artificial grass courts available for use from 9am to 10pm. Use is limited to groups of 10 or more people who live, work or study in the ward.

Yoyogi Park (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

The futsal facility at Yoyogi Park in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo has 4 outdoor futsal courts: 3 long pile artificial grass courts and 1 short pile artificial grass court. The new facility was built in 2012 at the Olympic Plaza in Yoyogi National Stadium. The hours of use are from 9:00 to 16:00.

Shibuya-ku Sports Center (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

The futsal facilities at the Shibuya Sports Center (Shibuyaku Sports Center) in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, are located outside the Shibuya Sports Center and have a single court surrounded by a fence. User registration is required to use the facility and you must meet the requirements to live or work in Shibuya Ward.

Okubo Park (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

The futsal facility at Okubo Park in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, has a futsal court in the sports area where you can enjoy games and other activities. The court is open from 9:30am to 6:30pm from April to September and from 9:30am to 5:30pm from October to March.

Mejirodai Sports Park (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)

Mejirodai Sports Park has two dedicated futsal courts on the east side of the park. The courts are sand-filled artificial grass and are surrounded by fences. The courts are available for use in two-hour increments from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from May to August and from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. from September to April.

Ogawa Plaza (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

The futsal facility at Ogawa Square in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward can be used as a mini soccer field with a basketball court. It is surrounded by a fence. Courts are rented on an hourly basis (maximum of 2 hours) and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Shinkoiwa Park (Katsushika-ku, Tokyo)

The mini soccer court at Shinkoiwa Park in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo is located in the park’s shooting field. It is surrounded by a fence and the court surface is made of soil. It is used in combination with basketball, but you can also enjoy futsal and other games.

Johoku Central Park (Nerima Ward, Tokyo)

The use of the futsal courts at Johoku Chuo Park in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward is determined by a lottery held on the 25th of the previous month. The futsal field is available for two hours between 9:00 and 16:30, and use is free of charge.

Shinagawa Central Park (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo)

The multipurpose square of Shinagawa Central Park in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo is a pay facility with a 200m track, basketball goal, soccer goal, etc. Schools and the use of spikes are not allowed. The park is equipped with night lighting and can be used from 8:30 to 21:00.

Waterfront Sports Garden (Edogawa-ku, Tokyo)

The futsal field at Mizube no Sports Garden in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo has two sand-filled artificial grass courts that can be used with tennis courts, and is located between the tennis courts and roller courts. Futsal balls and bibs are available for rent (for a fee).

Rinkai Ball Stadium (Edogawa-ku, Tokyo)

The futsal field at Rinkai Futsal Stadium in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, is located on the east side of the park, built on top of the Kasai Water Reclamation Center of the Bureau of Sewerage. The futsal facility has two independent dedicated futsal courts with an artificial grass pitch. The facility is equipped with night lighting, covered benches, and drinking water vending machines.

 Edogawa Sports Land (Edogawa-ku, Tokyo)

The futsal field at Edogawa Sportsland in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, has two artificial grass courts for both tennis and futsal. You need to register in advance to use these courts. The fee for using the futsal courts is 600 yen per hour during the daytime and 900 yen per hour at night, including lighting fee. (As of March 2013).Tategawa riverside park (Koto-ku, Tokyo)

The Tatekawasenjikoen futsal field is located in Koto-ku, Tokyo, and has four courts set up between the old Tatekawa Humanitarian Bridge and the Gono Bridge. 4 courts are independent and surrounded by netting. The pitch is artificial grass with lines and goals.

Shimomaruko Park (Ota Ward, Tokyo)

The futsal facility at Shimomaruko Park in Ota Ward, Tokyo, has one futsal court with a basketball goal in a fenced-in sports plaza. The hours of use are set for each season, so please check the information board on the fence of the plaza.

Musashinodai Park (Fussa City, Tokyo)

Musashinodai Park in Fussa City, Tokyo is a futsal facility that is also used as a tennis court. The facility is also equipped with night lighting and can be used during night games.

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