Looking to experience the true flavors of Japan and enjoy the local culture? Look no further than a Japanese cooking class with the humorous and friendly local, Satoru, in his cozy Tokyo home.

Learn how to prepare authentic Japanese homestyle dishes while engaging in conversation and gaining insights into Japanese traditions and customs. Satoru will guide you through making traditional dishes using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

After the class, enjoy a private meal and receive a special Japanese utensil and ingredient as a token of your experience.

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Quick Takeaways

Enjoy a Japanese Cooking Class With a Humorous Local Satoru in His Tokyo Home - Quick Takeaways

  • Participants can choose a date that suits them best and enjoy a 2 hour 30 minute cooking class at Satoru’s cozy Tokyo home.
  • There is the option for free cancellation up to 3 days in advance and the opportunity to receive a mobile ticket.
  • The experience includes learning to make two or three Japanese homestyle dishes, enjoying a private meal and a drink with the host, and engaging in cultural exchange through cooking.
  • The menu offers a variety of traditional Japanese dishes, such as tempura, okonomiyaki, nikujaga, home-style sushi, donburi, and bento.

Booking Details

Booking details for the Japanese cooking class with local host Satoru in his Tokyo home include:

  • Availability: Participants can check and choose a date that suits them best.
  • Free cancellation up to 3 days in advance: Provides peace of mind, allowing participants to cancel their booking without any charges if circumstances change.
  • Duration: The class is 2 hours 30 minutes, ensuring participants have enough time to learn and engage in the cooking process.
  • Option to receive a mobile ticket: Offers convenience, allowing participants to easily access their booking details on their phones.

Experience Overview

Enjoy a Japanese Cooking Class With a Humorous Local Satoru in His Tokyo Home - Experience Overview

During the Japanese cooking class with local host Satoru in his Tokyo home, you will have the opportunity to visit a local’s home, learn to make two or three Japanese homestyle dishes, and enjoy a private meal and a drink with their host.

This experience offers more than just culinary education. It’s a cultural exchange through cooking, allowing participants to enjoy the rich traditions of Japanese cuisine. Satoru won’t only guide them in mastering Japanese cooking techniques but also engage them in conversation, sharing stories and insights about Japanese culture.

As participants chop, stir, and season, they’ll not only learn how to create delicious dishes but also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the culinary heritage of Japan.

It’s an experience that promises to be both informative and entertaining, leaving participants with not only new cooking skills but also lasting memories of their time in Tokyo.

Sample Menu

Enjoy a Japanese Cooking Class With a Humorous Local Satoru in His Tokyo Home - Sample Menu

The sample menu for the Japanese cooking class with local host Satoru in his Tokyo home features a selection of two or three Japanese homestyle dishes, along with a private meal, a drink, and a dessert. Satoru takes pride in using local ingredients and teaching traditional Japanese cooking techniques. Each day of the week offers a different main dish, ensuring a unique experience for every participant. On Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, the menu varies, showcasing the diversity of Japanese cuisine. Saturdays are dedicated to home-style sushi, where you will learn the art of making this popular dish. Sundays to Tuesdays feature either Donburi or Bento as the main dish, complemented by Miso soup and sides. To end the meal on a sweet note, dessert is included. Participants can look forward to a culinary adventure that highlights the flavors and techniques of Japanese homestyle cooking.

Day Main Dish Side Dish
Wednesday Tempura Pickled Vegetables
Thursday Okonomiyaki Cabbage Salad
Friday Nikujaga Steamed Rice
Saturday Home-style Sushi Miso Soup
Sunday-Tuesday Donburi or Bento Miso Soup


Enjoy a Japanese Cooking Class With a Humorous Local Satoru in His Tokyo Home - Inclusions

As part of the Japanese cooking class with local host Satoru in his Tokyo home, the inclusions for participants involve:

  • A private cooking class with Satoru, where they’ll have the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture while engaging in conversation and cooking.

  • Along With the hands-on cooking experience, you will also receive a gift of one of Satoru’s special Japanese utensils and a favorite ingredient to take home. This unique utensil won’t only serve as a memento of their culinary adventure but also allow them to recreate the dishes they learned in the class.

  • To further enhance the experience, Satoru will also provide local alcohol pairings, offering participants a taste of Japan’s rich beverage culture. Whether it’s sake, shochu, or another local drink, these pairings will complement the flavors of the dishes and provide a well-rounded culinary experience.

Meeting and Pickup

Enjoy a Japanese Cooking Class With a Humorous Local Satoru in His Tokyo Home - Meeting and Pickup

Upon meeting host Satoru at JR Shinjuku Station, you will walk together five minutes to his apartment for the Japanese cooking class in Tokyo.

To ensure a smooth journey to Shinjuku Station, it’s recommended to use public transportation options such as the train or subway. These modes of transportation are convenient and reliable, allowing participants to easily reach the meeting point.

Once at the station, participants can easily locate Satoru at the East Exit, in front of the police box called Koban, as he’ll be holding a placard with their name on it.

While communication during the cooking class may be primarily in English, it’s helpful to know a few Japanese phrases or bring a translation app to facilitate any language barriers.

Satoru is known for his humorous and friendly personality, making the class enjoyable and engaging for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoy a Japanese Cooking Class With a Humorous Local Satoru in His Tokyo Home - Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Can Participate in the Cooking Class at a Time?

Group size limitations and availability of private classes vary. For specific details, it is recommended to check the booking details or contact the host directly.

Can Dietary Restrictions or Food Allergies Be Accommodated?

Accommodations for dietary restrictions and food allergies can be made in the cooking class. Satoru, the humorous local host, ensures a safe and enjoyable experience by adapting the menu to meet specific needs.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for Participants?

The cooking class is suitable for beginners, and participants can take home the recipes learned in the class. Satoru, the humorous local host, will guide them through the process, making it an enjoyable and educational experience.

Is There a Dress Code for the Cooking Class?

There is no specific dress code for the cooking class, but it is recommended to wear comfortable attire. It is important to inform the host about any dietary restrictions beforehand for a personalized culinary experience.

Are There Any Additional Costs or Fees Not Mentioned in the Inclusions Section?

There are no hidden fees for the cooking class with Satoru. However, participants should inform him of any dietary restrictions or food allergies in advance. There is no minimum age requirement or dress code.

The Sum Up

Enjoy a Japanese Cooking Class With a Humorous Local Satoru in His Tokyo Home - The Sum Up

Set out on a culinary adventure like no other with Satoru, your witty and welcoming host in Tokyo.

Enjoy the flavors and traditions of Japan as you master the art of preparing authentic homestyle dishes.

With fresh ingredients and Satoru’s expert guidance, you’ll create mouthwatering meals that will leave you craving for more.

Don’t miss this chance to learn, laugh, and savor the true essence of Japanese cuisine.

Book your cooking class with Satoru today and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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