Located in the bustling Taito district of Tokyo, APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae is a conveniently situated hotel that offers a comfortable and convenient stay.

Just a short distance from popular attractions like Sensoji Temple and the Edo Tokyo Museum, this hotel is the ideal base for exploring the vibrant city.

With positive reviews praising its facilities, cleanliness, and value for money, as well as its sustainable practices, APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae is a top choice for travelers seeking a memorable stay in Tokyo.

Key Takeaways

Apa Hotel Asakusa Ekimae

  • APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae is located in the Taito district of Tokyo, just 2,297 feet from Sensoji Temple.
  • The hotel has a high rating of 8.0 with 2,571 reviews, with positive feedback on facilities, cleanliness, comfort, value for money, location, and free WiFi.
  • The hotel has received positive guest reviews about its location, room completeness, cleanliness, staff, and amenities.
  • APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae has made sustainability efforts and is certified as Travel Sustainable Level 1, receiving positive guest reviews about their sustainability efforts.

Location and Accessibility

Apa Hotel Asakusa Ekimae
The APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae is conveniently located in the Taito district of Tokyo, making it easily accessible to popular attractions such as Sensoji Temple and the Edo Tokyo Museum. With its close proximity to these landmarks, guests can easily enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Tokyo.

Plus, the hotel offers excellent transportation options, ensuring that guests can explore the city with ease. Asakusa Station, located just a stone’s throw away from the hotel, provides convenient access to various parts of Tokyo via subway lines. On top of that there are several bus stops in the vicinity, allowing guests to further explore the city at their own pace.

Whether guests prefer to travel by train or bus, the APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae offers the perfect location and accessibility for an unforgettable Tokyo experience.

Hotel Amenities and Facilities

Apa Hotel Asakusa Ekimae
Conveniently located near popular attractions, the hotel offers a variety of amenities and facilities for guests to enjoy.

  • Hotel Services: The APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae is known for its exceptional service, with polite and helpful staff who speak English. Guests can expect a high level of professionalism and assistance during their stay.
  • Dining Options: The hotel has a range of dining options to suit every taste. From traditional Japanese cuisine to international dishes, There’s some good a culinary adventure without leaving the premises. The hotel also has a convenient location near many restaurants, allowing guests to explore the local food scene easily.
  • Fully Equipped Rooms: Each room at the hotel is fully equipped with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay. From cozy beds to modern bathrooms, guests can relax and unwind in a stylish and well-appointed space.
  • Convenience: The hotel’s location near Asakusa Station and popular attractions make it an ideal choice for travelers. With a convenience store next door and a gate to the station in front of the hotel, guests have everything they need right at their doorstep.

Room Comfort and Cleanliness

Apa Hotel Asakusa Ekimae
Located in the Taito district of Tokyo, guests can expect a high level of comfort and cleanliness in the fully equipped rooms at APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae. The hotel has received positive reviews and ratings for its housekeeping standards, ensuring guest satisfaction. With a rating of 8.5 for cleanliness, guests can rest assured that their rooms will be well-maintained and spotless.

The hotel takes pride in maintaining a high level of cleanliness throughout the property, ensuring a pleasant and hygienic stay for all guests. From the moment guests step into their rooms, they will be greeted with a clean and inviting atmosphere. The housekeeping team at APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae works diligently to meet and exceed guest expectations, ensuring that every guest enjoys a comfortable and clean stay.

Guest Reviews and Ratings

Apa Hotel Asakusa Ekimae
Guests have provided positive feedback and ratings for APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae. They have highlighted the hotel’s convenient location near Asakusa Station, friendly staff, and well-equipped rooms.

The hotel’s prime location near the station makes it easy for guests to explore the vibrant neighborhood of Asakusa.

The staff at APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae have been praised for their warm and helpful attitude, ensuring a pleasant stay.

The rooms are well-equipped with all the necessary amenities, providing comfort and convenience to travelers.

However, like any other hotel, there have been some negative feedback and complaints from guests. It is important to note that these complaints are subjective and may not reflect the overall experience of staying at APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae.

To get a better understanding, it is recommended to compare the hotel with other hotels in the area before making a decision.

Sustainability Efforts and Certifications

Apa Hotel Asakusa Ekimae
The property at APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae takes steps to make the stay more sustainable and has been certified with Travel Sustainable Level 1. This certification recognizes the hotel’s commitment to sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly practices.

Guests have praised the hotel’s efforts, highlighting its positive impact on the environment.

APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae is located in the Taito district of Tokyo, just a short distance from popular attractions such as Sensoji Temple and the Edo Tokyo Museum. With its convenient location and dedication to sustainability, this hotel offers a great option for eco-conscious travelers.

Positive Guest Feedback and Testimonials

Apa Hotel Asakusa Ekimae
Positive guest feedback and testimonials highlight the convenient location, friendly staff, and fully equipped rooms at APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae.

Customers express their satisfaction with the hotel’s prime location, which is just a short distance from popular attractions like Sensoji Temple and Edo Tokyo Museum.

The staff is praised for their warmth and helpfulness, ensuring that guests feel welcome throughout their stay.

The well-appointed rooms, complete with all necessary amenities, provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for visitors.

These positive experiences contribute to the overall customer satisfaction at APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae.

Whether guests are exploring Tokyo’s historic sites or simply seeking a relaxing stay, this hotel consistently receives praise for its exceptional service and quality accommodations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apa Hotel Asakusa Ekimae

What Are the Specific Steps That APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae Takes to Make the Stay More Sustainable?

APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae takes specific steps to make the stay more sustainable. They have implemented green initiatives and are Travel Sustainable Level 1 certified. Guest reviews also highlight the hotel’s sustainability efforts.

Are There Any Specific Features or Amenities in the Hotel Rooms That Contribute to Guest Comfort?

The hotel room features at APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae contribute to guest comfort. From fully equipped rooms to comfy beds, guests can enjoy amenities that enhance their stay and ensure a relaxing experience.

How Does APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae Ensure That Their Staff Is Polite, Helpful, and Proficient in English?

Staff training at APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae ensures that employees are polite, helpful, and proficient in English. By providing language proficiency programs and emphasizing excellent customer service, the hotel guarantees a positive experience for international guests.

What Kind of Travel-Related Contributions Are Encouraged in the Guidelines and Standards for Reviews?

When it comes to travel-related contributions, the guidelines and standards for reviews emphasize the importance of genuine and unbiased content. The authenticity of reviews is highly valued, ensuring a helpful and informative experience for all global audiences.

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