When it comes to the spectacle of fireworks, Tokyo never disappoints. From the intimate displays in secluded ports to the grand affairs witnessed by millions, the city’s summer sky offers a show like no other. As we step into the peak of the season, our Tokyo Fireworks Calendar is a complete list that will ensure you catch every flicker, boom, and ‘Sugoi-ne’!

Navigating The Tokyo Fireworks Calendar

The Callander Includes all the Fireworks festivals planned for Tokyo in 2023. It’s ordered by date, starting in July 2023 so just scroll down to get to the current date and check what’s coming up.

Best Fireworks Festivals In Tokyo

Edogawa Fireworks Festival August Th

The Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival on August 12th is a must-see, captivating audiences with its breathtaking illuminations that light up the Tokyo skies. For an intimate ambiance, the Mikurashima Fireworks Festival on a serene island offers a picturesque setting, making the pyrotechnics even more magical. The 64th Itabashi Fireworks Festival is a legacy event in Tokyo, drawing vast crowds and reflecting the deep-rooted fireworks tradition of the city. And, if diverse displays are your thing, the 48th Edogawa Ward Fireworks Festival doesn’t disappoint, with sequences carefully crafted to astonish and inspire. Each of these events promises a unique perspective on Tokyo’s vibrant fireworks culture.

Ready, Set, Plan!

Our list aims to be your one-stop destination for planning those perfect summer nights with a bang in Tokyo. Whether you’re aiming to capture that impeccable shot or don a yukata and get into the spirit of things like a local, we’ve got you covered.

July 5: Tokyo SUGOI Fireworks

Celebrating Yuming’s 50th debut anniversary with an impressive 14,000 fireworks. Experience the festivity and magic of the summer night.

    • Location: Tokyo, Fuchu City/JRA Tokyo Racecourse
    • Fireworks: 14,000

July 22: 45th Adachi Fireworks

Adachi Fireworks Festival
Adachi Fireworks Festival

Draw in over 600,000 spectators for a summer spectacle along the Arakawa River. Enjoy the enchantment of this grand display that lights up Tokyo.

  • Location: Tokyo, Adachi Ward/Arakawa Riverbank (Between Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Iron Bridge and Nishiarai Bridge)
  • Fireworks: About 15,000
  • Annual Visitors: About 670,000

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July 25: 57th Katsushika Refreshing Evening Fireworks Festival

Katsushika Noryo Fireworks Festival
Katsushika Noryo Fireworks Festival

Experience downtown Tokyo’s charm with close-up views of vibrant fireworks. A display that captures the heart and essence of Katsushika.

  • Location: Tokyo, Katsushika Ward/Katsushika Shibamata Baseball Stadium (Edogawa Riverbank)
  • Fireworks: About 20,000
  • Annual Visitors: About 700,000

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July 29: 46th Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival


Pride of Kanto with unparalleled tradition and prestige. Revel in a fireworks show that paints the skyline with every burst.

  • Location: Tokyo, Taito Ward/From Sakurabashi downstream to Kotobashi upstream (First venue), Komagatabashi downstream to Umaya Bridge upstream (Second venue)
  • Fireworks: About 20,000
  • Annual Visitors: About 950,000

July 29: Hachioji Festival Fireworks

Hachioji Fireworks Festival

Relish the intense, powerful launches that light up the night sky. A stunning spectacle set against the backdrop of Fujimori Park.

  • Location: Tokyo, Hachioji City/Fujimori Park
  • Fireworks: About 3,000
  • Annual Visitors: About 80,000 (2019 data)

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July 29: Tachikawa Festival National Showa Memorial Park Fireworks Festival

Tachikawa Festival Fireworks
Tachikawa Festival Fireworks

Feast your eyes on the specially crafted firework designs. A dazzling display set within the expansive Showa Memorial Park.

  • Location: Tokyo, Tachikawa City/National Showa Memorial Park
  • Fireworks: 5,000
  • Annual Visitors: 255,468 (inside the park) and about 700,000 (including the surrounding area)

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August 3: Mikurashima Fireworks Festival

Experience a profound sense of openness on Mikurashima, an island embraced by nature. The festival draws a close-knit crowd to the port, where around 800 fireworks brighten the sky.

  • Location: Tokyo, Mikurashima Village/Mikurashima Port
  • Fireworks: About 800
  • Annual Visitors: 500

August 5: 64th Itabashi Fireworks Festival

Itabashi Fireworks Festival

The Itabashi Fireworks Festival returns with a bang, commemorating the three canceled years through its launch program. With about 13,000 fireworks, this event promises a night of awe and memories. Unfortunately, the 2023 version ended up in flames.

  • Location: Tokyo, Itabashi Ward/Itabashi Ward, Arakawa riverbed
  • Fireworks: About 13,000
  • Annual Visitors: 520,000

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August 5: 48th Edogawa Fireworks Festival


Edogawa Fireworks Festival

Illuminating the night sky with 8 unique productions, this festival in Edogawa Ward is a visual spectacle. With around 14,000 fireworks, the event guarantees a night of colorful wonder.

  • Location: Edogawa Ward, Tokyo/Edogawa riverbed (before Shinozaki Park)
  • Fireworks: About 14,000

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August 8: 30th Kozushima Beach Fireworks Festival

Relax on the pristine white sandy beaches of Kozushima and revel in the glow of approximately 730 fireworks. The scenic Pier at Kozushima Port (Maehama Port) offers the perfect vantage point for this island spectacle.

  • Location: Kozushima Village, Tokyo/Pier at Kozushima Port (Maehama Port)
  • Fireworks: About 730
  • Annual Visitors: About 2,000

August 9: Komae and Tamagawa Firework Festival

Komae Tamagawa Fireworks Festival

Enjoy an evening under the skies of Komae and Tamagawa, brought to life by 5,000 vibrant fireworks. A local favorite, this festival combines traditional firework displays with a modern metropolitan setting.

  • Location: Tokyo, Komae City/Tamagawa Ryokuchi Park Ground
  • Fireworks: Around 5,000
  • Annual Visitors: About 130,000

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August 11: 22nd Hachijojima Summer Noryo Fireworks Festival

An islander’s treat! Hachijojima’s coastal beauty gets an upgrade with 700 fireworks, offering a unique blend of sea reflections and colorful explosions.

  • Location: Tokyo, Hachijojima, Hachijo Town/Sokodo Port
  • Fireworks: 700
  • Annual Visitors: 2,000

August 12: Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival

Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival

Right in the heart of Shinjuku, 10,000 fireworks create a night of wonder. This iconic festival is a perfect rendezvous of Tokyo’s urban energy and age-old traditions.

  • Location: Tokyo, Shinjuku/Meiji Jingu Outer Garden
  • Fireworks: Around 10,000
  • Annual Visitors: About 1 million

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August 12: 46th Okutama Noryo Fireworks Festival

Relish in the mountainous serenity of Okutama while witnessing 1,000 fireworks. A journey to nature with an added spark, this festival is a refreshing getaway from Tokyo’s hustle.

  • Location: Tokyo, Nishitama County, Okutama Town/Atago Mountain Plaza
  • Fireworks: Around 1,000
  • Annual Visitors: About 10,000

August 12: Izu Oshima Summer Festival Fireworks

Amidst the backdrop of the Pacific, Izu Oshima becomes a canvas for 1,157 fireworks. A fusion of natural beauty and artistic displays makes this a must-visit island spectacle.

  • Location: Tokyo, Oshima Town/Motomachi Port
  • Fireworks: 1,157
  • Annual Visitors: About 10,000

July 22 to August 20: Summer Vacation Jingu Fireworks Nighter

Experience a unique mix of baseball games and 300 fireworks at the famous Meiji Jingu Stadium. A true summer festivity, combining Japan’s love for sports and traditional firework displays.

  • Location: Tokyo, Shinjuku/Meiji Jingu Baseball Stadium
  • Fireworks: 300
  • Annual Visitors: 30,000

September 24: 38th Chofu Fireworks

As the Tamagawa Riverside gets illuminated with 10,000 fireworks, Chofu city offers a spectacle that’s both charming and grand, drawing crowds from all over Tokyo.

  • Location: Tokyo, Chofu City/Tamagawa Riverside in Chofu
  • Fireworks: Around 10,000
  • Annual Visitors: 300,000

September 30: 10th Kita Ward Fireworks Meeting

Commemorate the 10th edition of this festival by the Arakawa Riverbed. With 10,000 stunning fireworks, it’s a jubilant reflection of community spirit and artistic brilliance.

  • Location: Tokyo, Kita Ward/Arakawa Riverbed
  • Fireworks: 10,000
  • Annual Visitors: Over 50,000

October 21: 45th Setagaya Ward Tamagawa Fireworks Festival

With 6,000 fireworks, both banks of the Tamagawa River become a synchronized stage, offering spectators a harmonious display of lights and sounds under the autumn canopy.

  • Location: Tokyo, Setagaya Ward/Kitafutagotamagawa Green Space Sports Ground
  • Fireworks: Around 6,000
  • Annual Visitors: About 260,000

Originally Scheduled for August 8 (Postponed): 30th Kozushima Beach Fireworks Festival

Embrace the tranquil charm of Kozushima beaches with 730 fireworks. Whether you’re seated on its white sands or the nearby port, the festival promises an enchanting island experience.

  • Location: Tokyo, Kozushima Village/Kozushima Port
  • Fireworks: Around 730
  • Annual Visitors: About 2,000

Tokyo’s Firework Fête

Tokyo truly offers a kaleidoscope of experiences when it comes to fireworks, ensuring that every observer, from the first-time visitor to the long-time resident, witnesses a breathtaking spectacle. From the jaw-dropping magnitude of the 46th Sumida River Fireworks Festival to the deeply intimate ambiance at Mikurashima, this city ensures a diverse range of pyrotechnic marvels.

Fireworks Beyond Tokyo

Windmill Sunflower Garden Sakura Furu Sato Square
Windmill Sunflower Garden Sakura Furu Sato Square

Though Tokyo boasts an impressive array of firework festivals, let’s not forget the neighboring prefectures which promise their own versions of the sky spectacle:

  • Kawaguchi Fireworks Festival in Saitama is a must-visit, attracting crowds with its exceptional firework designs.
  • Chiba’s Sakura Fireworks Festival is known for its unique patterns and heart-stopping finale.
  • Odawara Fireworks Festival in Kanagawa prefecture offers a visual treat, with the castle in the backdrop creating a fairy-tale experience.
  • To the north, Ibaraki’s Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Competition is highly competitive, showcasing new and innovative firework designs each year.

The Sum Up

Tokyo’s summer sky is an emblem of its spirit – vibrant, lively, and full of surprises. Our list of Tokyo’s Best Fireworks Festival is a testament to that.  So, wherever you find yourself in Tokyo during summer we hope out Tokyo Fireworks Calendar has helped you find the perfect Hanabi!

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