Sumida River Terrace in Sumida-ku, Tokyo is a waterfront walking area located on both banks of the Sumida River in Sumida and Taito-ku, Tokyo.

Visitors can enjoy the Tokyo Sky Tree along the Sumida River, and enjoy the culture and townscape art of the northern Asakusa area at the Sumida River Wall Art Gallery.

  • Many benches are set up along the terrace
  • Sumida River Wall Art Gallery
  • In spring, you can enjoy cherry blossoms along the terrace.
  • You can enjoy the view of Tokyo Sky Tree while strolling along the terrace

Sumida River Terrace Information

NameSumida River Terrace
AddressSumida and Taito wards, Tokyo, both banks of Sumida River
FacilitiesSumida River Wall Art Gallery

Where Is The Sumida River Terrace?

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