Here’s our list of the best public parks in Adachi ward, Tokyo.

Shonen Park

This is one of the largest and most nature-rich comprehensive parks in Tokyo. The final plan calls for the park to be 69.5 ha in size, with 61.2 ha currently open. The park is full of natural environment. The large pond on the northeast side of the park is home to gadflies and reeds, and is inhabited by a variety of fish and insects, as well as birds such as the Japanese mallard duck.

Higashi Ayase Park

This metropolitan park consists of a series of inverted-U-shaped promenades leading from the front of Ayase Station in Adachi-ku and the site in the middle of the promenade. The park is about 2 km long, and is planted with many trees such as cherry trees, Japanese linden, maple leaf, and azalea, and has a stream flowing from the Hanabatake River.

Kurihara Central Park

Kurihara Central Park in Adachi-ku, Tokyo is a park with playground equipment and a plaza located in a residential area of Kurihara, Adachi-ku. The park is planted with “cherry trees back home from Washington” and is a great place for local residents to enjoy cherry blossom viewing in the spring, or just take a short walk or rest.

Nishiarai Midori Park

Nishiarai Midori Koen (Nishi-Arai Midori Park) in Adachi-ku, Tokyo is a park located in a residential area in Nishiarai, Adachi-ku. It consists of a baseball field and a park with a lot of greenery. During the cherry blossom season, many beautiful flowers bloom and it is known as one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in the area.

Kawabata Daini Park

Kawabata Daini Park in Adachi-ku, Tokyo is located near the Kahira Exit of the Metropolitan Expressway in Kahira, Adachi-ku. The park is structurally designed as a two-story building, with a free open space and playground equipment. The structure can be used for wall-building, but unfortunately there is a lot of graffiti there, so wall-building is not recommended at present.

Kitashikahama Traffic Park

Kitakahama Park is a traffic park, also known as Kitakahama Traffic Park, located in Shikahama, Adachi-ku, Tokyo. It is a park for families to enjoy together, and a real SL is displayed near the entrance. The park has a well-maintained course where visitors can learn traffic rules while enjoying a ride in a foot pedal go-cart or an electric car.

Miyagi Family Park

Miyagi Family Park was built on the east roof of the Miyagi Water Reclamation Center in Miyagi, Adachi-ku, Tokyo. There are two main plazas: a multipurpose plaza with a sandy ground for grand golf and gateball, and an active sports plaza with artificial turf and a basketball goal.

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Adachi Sports Center (Adachi Ward, Tokyo)


Adachi Sports Center is a comprehensive sports facility with a park attached, located in Higashi-Hokima, Adachi Ward, about 2 km northeast of the Adachi Ward Office. As the concept of the center is “Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone, Forever,” it is equipped with a variety of indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

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