The climbing wall at Oizumi Hashidokoen Park in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward is located in the Wanpaku Square near the park’s entrance gate.

The wall has holds on both sides. The height of the wall suggests that it is a playground equipment for children, but it looks reasonably challenging, so if you are physically fit and up for solving a few bouldering problems, why not give it a try?

Park Name Oizumi Hashido Park
Park Address 4-1 Oizumi-cho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
1312001008_52 1312001008_53 1312001008_54
Climbing wall (front side) Climbing wall (back side) Log and wall climbing in Wanpaku Hiroba
1312001008_55 1312001008_56 1312001008_57
Hold 1 Hold 2 Hold 3

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