Located in Nerima Ward, The Oizumi Chuo Park also known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Oizumi Central Park was developed on about 10 hectares of land that was originally used as a golf course.

At the west entrance of the park, there is a water plaza built with the name of Oizumi in mind, with a large fountain and monument welcoming visitors.

There is a small hill that makes use of the terrain from the days of the golf course, a large sandbox in the sunken plaza with its vast lawn, and other activities such as bird watching in the wild bird forest, which can be enjoyed comfortably by families and people of all ages.

There are also sports facilities such as an athletic field and a baseball field. Around these sports facilities, cherry blossoms bloom beautifully during the cherry blossom season, so it is a good idea to watch cherry blossoms while watching sports.

In the neighborhood, just across the street to the north is Saitama Prefecture, and Wako Jyurin Park, with its lush forest greenery, is adjacent to it. A picnic in both parks combined might be a good idea.

Oizumi Chuo Park
Oizumi Chuo Park

Grass slide at Oizumichuo Park

The grass slide at Oizumichuo Park in Nerima-ku, Tokyo is very popular among children, as they can slide on the grass with cardboard boxes, etc. laid on their backs. It can get crowded on weekends, so be sure to take your turn and slide safely.

Park Name Oizumichi Chuo Park
Park Address 9 Oizumigakuen-cho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Slide, swing, spring playground equipment, athletic equipment
Facilities and equipment Grass slide, water playground, baseball field
Athletic playground equipment (log crossing) Athletic playground equipment Grass slide slider
Baseball field Athletic field Multipurpose playground
Water playground Bargola Lawn square
Pond in the park Parking lot Map of the park

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