*Please note that MegaWeb is now Permanently closed as of December 31, 2021*

Located in Koto-ku, Tokyo, Megaweb (Megaweb) is a space where more than 100 new Toyota cars are on display and where visitors can enjoy various car-related experiences such as test drives, motor sports simulators, safety simulators, drivers’ workouts, and go-karting.

The facility is a place where everyone from adults to children can enjoy various experiences related to cars.

Name Mega Web
Address Within Palette Town, 1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Site MegaWeb
At the Gran Turismo Corner, you can experience realistic circuit racing (free of charge). The free attraction, SAFETY Simulator, is a realistic simulator that tilts the car body according to the bumps on the road surface. Kids Hybrid Ride One
Real racing cars on display Toyota City Showcase Event Space
Car event RIDE ONE” test-ride course Next Experience Zone
Entrance to the facility Exhibition of Doraemon objet d’art for a limited time only IREAL Winglet experience test-ride

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