*Please note that MegaWeb is now Permanently closed as of December 31, 2021*

Located in Koto-ku, Tokyo, Megaweb (Megaweb) is a space where more than 100 new Toyota cars are on display and where visitors can enjoy various car-related experiences such as test drives, motor sports simulators, safety simulators, drivers’ workouts, and go-karting.

The facility is a place where everyone from adults to children can enjoy various experiences related to cars.

Name Mega Web
Address Within Palette Town, 1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Site MegaWeb
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At the Gran Turismo Corner, you can experience realistic circuit racing (free of charge). The free attraction, SAFETY Simulator, is a realistic simulator that tilts the car body according to the bumps on the road surface. Kids Hybrid Ride One
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Real racing cars on display Toyota City Showcase Event Space
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Car event RIDE ONE” test-ride course Next Experience Zone
1310861003_11-2 1310861003_12 1310861003_13
Entrance to the facility Exhibition of Doraemon objet d’art for a limited time only IREAL Winglet experience test-ride

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