In Ryogoku Park there is a stone monument and chair erected at the birthplace of Kaishu Katsu.

Kaishu Katsu was born in 1823 at his father’s family, Otani family in Honjo Kamezawa-cho, Edo (present Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo).

Birthplace of Katsu Kaishu Ryogoku Park. Sumida
Birthplace of Katsu Kaishu Ryogoku Park. Sumida

He went to the U.S. on the Kanrin Maru, and after returning to Japan, he became an officer in charge of warships and established the Kobe Naval Training School.

He took Ryoma Sakamoto as his pupil and also allowed him to join the Navy Yard. He is historically famous for realizing the bloodless opening of Edo Castle.

Katsu Kaishū’s Birthplace Monument Information

NameMonument to the Birthplace of Katsu Kaishu
Address4-25-3 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo (in Ryogoku Park)

How To Get To Katsu Kaishū’s Birthplace

5 minutes walk from Ryogoku Station on JR Sobu Line

Where Is Katsu Kaishū’s Birthplace?

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