Kamanofuchi Park in Ome City, Tokyo, is located along the Tama River and is surrounded by a lot of nature. Visitors can enjoy barbecues, fishing, and playing in the water at the riverbank along the Tama River.

Visitors can also enjoy a one-day hot spring at the adjacent Ome Public Insurance Recreation Center.

The Park Includes:

  • The Local History Museum, a free admission facility located within the park
  • The former Miyazaki Family residence, an important cultural asset
  • Ome Public Insurance Recreation Center, where visitors can enjoy a day trip to the hot spring
  • The riverbank where you can enjoy barbecue and fishing
  • Walking paths in the park where you can enjoy forest bathing
  • The beautiful blue Tama River
Park NameKamanofuchi Park
Park Address1392 Oyanagi-cho, Ome-shi, Tokyo
FacilitiesBarbecue area

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