The Higashi Yashio GreenWay is a metropolitan park located in Obaiba in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo.

It is a long and narrow east-west greenway adjacent to Shiokaze Park on the west side and Aomi North Pier Park on the east side.

The park is lined with cascading palm trees, grasses and flowers along a leisurely meandering promenade, making it a perfect place for strolling and jogging.

Japan’s first Antarctic observation ship, Soya, is moored in the ocean along the park for permanent preservation and exhibition, and visitors can visit the ship for 700 yen as a donation for its maintenance.

Beyond the Soya, along the Aomi North Pier Park, the last ship to connect Japan and the Antarctic, the Yoteimaru, is also on display, and will appeal to children who love boats and vehicles.

The park has the atmosphere of a little seaside summer resort, and the night scenery is especially recommended for a walking date in conjunction with a tour of Odaiba.

The surrounding area is home to many of Odaiba’s tourist attractions. Over Tokyo Bay is the Oi Container Wharf, which offers spectacular views day and night.

Higashi Yashio GreenWay
Higashi Yashio GreenWay
Park Name Higashi Yashio GreenWay
(Higashi-Yashiori Kyodo Park)
Park Address Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Soya, an ice-resistant cargo ship Fisheries Agency Toko Maru Fune-no-Kagakukan (Museum of Maritime Science)
Promenade Rest benches Flat bench

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