Higashi Ayase Park is a Tokyo metropolitan park consisting of a series of inverted U-shaped promenades leading from the front of Ayase Station in Adachi-ku and the site in the middle of the promenades.

The park is about 2 km long and is planted with many trees such as cherry trees, Japanese linden, maple, and azalea, and has a stream flowing from the Hanabatake River.

In addition to a children’s playground and playground equipment, the park also has a baseball field, tennis courts, the unique-looking Tokyo Budokan, a heated swimming pool, and other sports facilities, making it a park that can meet a variety of needs.

There are many other parks and green areas nearby, such as Shobu Swamp Park and Nakagawa Park, so if you have the time they are worth checking out as well.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via tokyo-park.net archive

Park Name Higashi Ayase Park
Park Address Higashi-Ayase 1-chome, 2-chome, 3-chome, Ayase 3-chome, 5-chome, 6-chome, Yanaka 1-chome, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment, climbing equipment, slides, ropeway, athletic equipment, health playground equipment
Facilities and equipment Baseball field, tennis court, community swimming pool, water playground
1312101002_02 1312101002_03 1312101002_04
Slides Climbing playground equipment Combination playground equipment
1312101002_05 1312101002_06 1312101002_07
Health playground equipment (back stretcher) Health playground equipment (suspension rings) Health playground equipment
1312101002_08 1312101002_09 1312101002_10
Athletic equipment (net climb) Athletic Playground Equipment (Untei) Athletic equipment (Untei)
1312101002_11 1312101002_12 1312101002_13
Athletic equipment (Chain bridge) Athletic equipment (Log crossing) Athletic equipment (Ropeway)
1312101002_14 1312101002_15 1312101002_16
Health playground equipment (Suspension ring) Health playground equipment Health equipment (Parallel bars)
1312101002_17 1312101002_18 1312101002_19
Swing set Baseball field Tennis court
1312101002_20 1312101002_21 1312101002_22
Service center Park Liaison Bridge Community swimming pool
1312101002_23 1312101002_24 1312101002_25
Clock tower Gate ball field Tokyo Budokan
1312101002_26 1312101002_27 1312101002_28
Children’s Sports Plaza Observation Pond Sundial

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via tokyo-park.net archive

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