Take a quick and awe-inspiring leap from Narita Airport to Tokyo with The AIROS Skyview’s Helicopter Shuttle Service. Swapping a two-hour drive for a brisk 20-minute journey, it’s an exciting and efficient way to kickstart your Tokyo experience and one of the more novel ways to get from Narita to Tokyo or back.

Here are the key takeaways you should know:

  • The service drastically cuts travel time between Narita Airport and Tokyo to just 20 minutes
  • It offers breathtaking aerial views of Tokyo
  • You can avoid the luggage restrictions experienced on the train
  • Be sure to arrive at the heliport 15 minutes in advance
  • The cost of the service starts from ¥154,000 per person

What to Expect

Helicopter Shuttle Service Between Narita And Tokyo Photo Getyourguide
Helicopter Shuttle Service Between Narita And Tokyo – Photo: Getyourguide

Buckle up for a bird’s-eye view of Tokyo as you glide in comfort between Narita International Airport and Tokyo city (or vice versa). Forget about traffic jams and the hassle of navigating public transport with heavy luggage. Here, the skies are clear and your journey, uninterrupted. You will not only save time but also get to marvel at Tokyo from an exclusive vantage point, amplifying your travel experience.

Itinerary and Schedule

Helicopter Shuttle Service Between Narita And Tokyo Photo Getyourguide
Helicopter Shuttle Service Between Narita And Tokyo – Photo: Getyourguide

The Helicopter Shuttle Service operates daily, with varying starting times. To confirm the availability of the shuttle on your chosen date, it’s best to check online when you plan to book.

The flight duration is approximately 20 minutes, so plan your schedule accordingly. Be sure to arrive at the respective heliport (Narita Airport heliport when traveling from Narita to Tokyo, and Tokyo Airport heliport for the reverse) 15 minutes prior to your flight.

Who Can Join and What to Bring

The service is open to adults of all ages (up to 99 years old). To board, you will need to present a valid passport or ID card. Given the nature of the shuttle, oversized luggage cannot be accommodated. Make sure to pack only what is essential and can comfortably fit within the helicopter.

Important Additional Information

Helicopter Shuttle Service Between Narita And Tokyo Photo Getyourguide

The shuttle service operates under strict health and safety guidelines due to Covid-19, so rest assured, every precaution is being taken for your wellbeing.

Booking your spot doesn’t require immediate payment; you can reserve now and pay later. Moreover, you have the freedom to cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund.

Remember, the private shuttle service is priced per group. Larger items cannot be placed on board, and bookings are required to be made in advance.

The Sum Up

The Helicopter Shuttle Service Between Narita and Tokyo is more than just a commute; it’s a unique chance to observe and appreciate Tokyo from a new perspective while ensuring a speedy arrival. With detailed information on hand, you can plan your journey confidently and get ready for an unforgettable flight.

Safe travels, or as they say in Japan, 旅行を楽しんで (Ryokō o tanoshinde)!

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