This is a famous cherry blossom viewing spot along the 1 km road from Hamura Intake Weir, the source of Tamagawa Josui water in Hamura City, Tokyo, to the bank of Tamagawa Josui.

During the “Hamura Flower and Water Festival” held from late March to late April every year, two kinds of flowers can be enjoyed in succession: the “Cherry Blossom Festival” in the first half and the “Tulip Festival” in the second half.

The contrast between the cherry blossoms, the sky, and the surface of the water against the backdrop of the Hamura Intake Weir is sure to make many people want to paint a picture of it.

A stroll with the family along the side path along the banks of the Tamagawa-josui, where about 400 cherry trees line the river, will surely be a lively conversation and a good memory.

The “Cherry Blossom Festival” is also illuminated at night, making it an event that can be enjoyed by all generations along with the daytime stroll.

Nearby is the Hamura Zoo, a small but charming animal park with a friendly atmosphere that can be enjoyed by everyone from children to the elderly.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

Park Name Hamura Intake Weir
Park Address 3, Hahigashi, Hamura City, Tokyo
Access (by train)
  • JR Ome Line, Hamura Station, approx. 0.7 km *Bus (Nishi-Tokyo Bus) available
Access (by car)
  • Hinode I.C. on the Metropolitan Chuo Kaido Expressway, about 4.5 km
  • Ome I.C., Metropolitan Chuo Interchange Expressway, about 6.2 km

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