Located in Edogawa Ward, the Sogo Recreation Park  a comprehensive park with an area of about 22 hectares, extending about 3 km from Kasai Station in the west to Nagisa Park adjacent to the old Edogawa River in the east.

There is a “Children’s Square” with dinosaur figurines and other playground equipment for children, three facilities for baseball, and a swimming pool, etc., allowing various ways to enjoy the park depending on your purpose.

There is a panoramic shuttle service, albeit with a small frequency, between the “Flower Garden” with its roses and “Nagisa Park” with pony rides and a herb garden, making it the perfect place for a family stroll along with “Fuji Park” with its athletic facilities and camping in the middle of the park.

The park has a large area, so it is best to explore it in combination with the facilities where the desired events can be held and the surrounding water park, rather than touring the entire park.

There are various green areas and water parks in the surrounding area, so you can enjoy greenery and nature after sports or events.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via tokyo-park.net archive

Park Name Edogawa Sogo Recreation Park
(Edogawaku Sogoureikurieishon Kouen)
Park Address Minami-Kasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, etc.
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment, athletic playground equipment, health playground equipment, spring playground equipment, swings, dinosaur playground equipment, forts, climbing equipment
Facilities and equipment Baseball field, soccer field, tennis court, swimming pool, day campground, barbecue area, panoramic shuttle, water playground (Rainbow Plaza), water playground (Flower Garden), water playground (Shin-Nagashima River Water Park), boat launch
Nearby and onsite parks Fuji Park, Shin Nagashima River Water Park, Shin Sakon River Water Park, Nagisa Park
Combination playground equipment (Fuji Park) Athletics equipment (Fuji Park) Athletics playground equipment (Fuji Park)
Combination Playground Equipment (Family Sports Square) Combination Health Playground Equipment (Family Sports Square) Health Playground Equipment(Family Sports Square)
Combination Playground Equipment(Children’s Square) Dinosaur playground equipment (Children’s Plaza) Dinosaur slide (Children’s Square)
Combination playground equipment (Nagisa Park) Athletic equipment (Nagisa Park) Climbing equipment (Nagisa Park)
Water playground (Flower Garden) Water playground (Rainbow Plaza) Water playground (Shin-Nagashima River Water Park)
Boat Ramp Panorama Shuttle Genki-kun Nagisa Pony Land (Nagisa Park)
Baseball field (Edogawa Ward Ballpark) Minami-Kasai Youth Baseball Plaza Soccer field (Nagisa Park)
Pool Garden & Tennis Courts Tennis Wall Hitting (Family Sports Square) Gate ball field (Nagisa Park)
Day Camp Ground (Shin Sakon River Water Park) Barbecue site (Fuji Park) Flower Garden

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via tokyo-park.net archive

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