From the early evening till dusk, the coastal city of Atami transforms into a canvas of colors and light with the famed Atami Fireworks Festival.

Atami Fireworks Festival
Atami Fireworks Festival

This tradition-rich spectacle in Shizuoka Prefecture has been captivating residents and tourists alike since 1952. In 2023, the summer edition of the festival takes place on six separate days in July and August.

Festival Dates

Atami Fireworks Festival
Atami Fireworks Festival

This year, the summer Atami Seaside Fireworks Festival will be held on July 28, August 5, August 8, August 18, August 22, and August 25. This quintessential event adds to the city’s charming ambiance and boasts a breathtaking display of around 3,000 fireworks.

Going Strong for Seven Decades

Atami Fireworks Festival
Atami Fireworks Festival

Established in 1952, the festival has become a symbol of Atami, being held more than ten times throughout the year, including the summer special edition. In 2023, this iconic festival will celebrate its 72nd anniversary, an enduring testament to the city’s vibrant cultural heritage.

Great Views

Atami Fireworks Festival
Atami Fireworks Festival

Located on the Atami Bay, nestled between mountains on three sides, the festival takes advantage of its “mortar-shaped” geographical setting. The fireworks, launched from the bay, echo off the mountains, creating an awe-inspiring sonic experience to accompany the visual spectacle.

The Grand Finale: Niagara in the Sky

Atami Fireworks Festival
Atami Fireworks Festival

One of the most anticipated segments of the Atami Fireworks Festival is the ‘Grand Sky Niagara’. As the grand finale, this dazzling spectacle lights up the night sky of Atami in silvery hues. The mesmerizing reflection of the fireworks on the water surface only amplifies the magical experience.

Access and Venue Information

  • Event: Atami Sea Fireworks Festival
  • Dates: July 28, August 5, August 8, August 18, August 22, and August 25, 2023
  • Time: 20:20 – 20:45
  • Viewing Area: The coastline from Sun Beach Sea Bathing Beach to Atami Port
  • Launch Site: Atami Bay (Atami Port 7.5m Quay to the Sea Fishing Facility)
  • Address: Nagisacho, Atami, Shizuoka
  • Number of Fireworks: About 3,000
  • Weather: The event will proceed even in case of rain
  • Access: Approximately 15-minute walk from JR Atami Station to Sun Beach Sea Bathing Beach

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