If you’re eyeing Asakusa as your next Tokyo adventure, you’re in for a treat. This locale is a delightful blend of Tokyo’s ancient past and modern flair, offering activities that cater to both the adventurous and the serene. In this guide, we’ve curated some of the best activities and tours in Asakusa that you might want to include in your itinerary.

From geisha encounters to samurai experiences and captivating live shows, these Asakusa-based experiences offer a diverse range of ways to engage with Japanese culture and history.

A 90 min. Tea Ceremony Workshop in The Authentic Tea Room

Tokyo Tea Ceremony Workshop Asakusa

This 90-minute Tea Ceremony Workshop offers an immersive experience in the ancient Zen practice of Chado. For over 400 years, this tea-making process has been more than just a routine—it’s a way of achieving mindfulness and tranquility. In this workshop, you will step into a traditional tea room adorned with tatami mats and learn how to prepare matcha tea in its most authentic form. You’ll also have the opportunity to try different types of tea and three kinds of Japanese confectionery.

If you’re interested in experiencing Japanese culture beyond the typical tourist attractions, this workshop is a must. Although the cost is on the higher end compared to other tea ceremony experiences, the unique authenticity and the tranquil setting make it worthwhile.

Cost: ¥4,650.00
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
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Official Street Go-Kart Tour in Asakusa

Official Street Go Kart Tour In Asakusa

For those seeking a fun and unconventional way to see Tokyo, the Official Street Go-Kart Tour in Asakusa is a perfect choice. Dress up in your favorite character costume and hit the streets in your own go-kart, guided by an experienced leader. This tour offers a unique vantage point of famous sites like Kaminarimon and Sky Tree. The cost includes the go-kart and costume rental, making it a hassle-free, enjoyable experience.

Despite being one of the pricier options, this tour is a hit among travelers looking for a more adventurous and interactive way to explore Tokyo.

Cost: ¥15,000.00 Duration: 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes

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Food Crawl Tour in Asakusa

Short Food Crawl Tour In Asakusa


Cost: ¥11,500.00 Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

For the foodies out there, the Food Crawl Tour in Asakusa takes you to the heart of Asakusa’s gastronomy. This tour is designed to provide an authentic culinary experience, taking you off the beaten path to areas less frequented by travelers. You’ll have the chance to connect with local businesses and vendors, offering a deeper appreciation of Asakusa’s rich history and culture.

Given the amount of food and the unique cultural experience, this tour is reasonably priced and is an ideal choice for those who want to dive into Asakusa’s local food scene.

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Family and Beginner Friendly Origami Experience in Asakusa


Family And Beginner Friendly Origami Experience In Asakusa

Cost: ¥750.00 Duration: 45 minutes

For a cultural activity that’s affordable and accessible for beginners and families, consider the Family and Beginner Friendly Origami Experience in Asakusa.

Set in a visually stimulating environment filled with intricate origami displays, you’ll have the chance to create your own origami designs. Guided by an intuitive tablet software, you can progress from simple shapes to more complex designs at your own pace.

The cost of this activity is impressively low, considering you’re not only learning a new skill but also experiencing Japanese culture in a fun and interactive way.

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LGBT Tokyo Then and Now

Lgbt Tokyo Then And Now Asakusa

Take a walk through Tokyo’s history and present with the LGBT Tokyo Then and Now tour. This small-group evening walking tour guides you through Tokyo’s LGBT-friendly neighborhoods, bars, and restaurants.

It offers a rare insight into the social and cultural changes that have shaped Tokyo’s thriving LGBT scene today. The tour includes dinner and two drinks, making it a comprehensive evening out.

This tour is an excellent option for anyone interested in understanding the socio-cultural landscape of Tokyo from an LGBT perspective.

Duration: 3 hours
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Refreshing In Asakusa Tile Breaking Kawara Smash


Cost: ¥2,821.00 Duration: 30 minutes

Kick off your Asakusa tour with a bang with the Tile-breaking / Kawara Smash experience. This activity, highlighted in more than 90 media outlets locally and internationally, gives you the chance to smash tiles—an oddly satisfying and stress-relieving activity.

Not only will you have a smashing good time, but you’ll also be able to try on traditional half coats, karate clothes, and Jiu-jitsu outfits for free. It’s a unique experience that’s easy on the pocket, too!

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30 minutes Asakusa ancient trip plan by rickshaw ~ Tour of Tokyo Sky Tree

Minutes Asakusa Ancient Trip Plan By Rickshaw Tour Of Tokyo Sky Tree

Cost: ¥5,000.00 Duration: 30 minutes

Travel back in time and soak in the Showa retro and Edo atmosphere of Asakusa with the Asakusa ancient trip plan by rickshaw. In the capable hands of an expertly-trained shafu, you’ll be guided through the streets of Asakusa and given a history-filled narrative of its sights.

You’ll also enjoy the city from a slightly elevated vantage point while listening to the entertaining stories of your guide. Plus, you’ll get a commemorative photo to remember this unique experience!

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No Bitter Matcha! Casual Tea Ceremony Experience with the Finest Tea Leaves

No Bitter Matcha Casual Tea Ceremony Experience With The Finest Tea Leaves Asakusa

Cost: ¥2,900.00 Duration: 50 minutes

The No Bitter Matcha! Casual Tea Ceremony Experience lets you create your own matcha using the first tea leaves of the year from Uji, Kyoto. The taste is pleasantly mild, completely shattering the perception of matcha as a bitter beverage.

The activity starts with grinding tea leaves on a real stone mill. A perfect activity for those who want to casually enjoy Japanese culture while exploring Asakusa.

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70 minutes relaxing plan to enjoy Asakusa with a rickshaw.

Minutes Asakusa Ancient Trip Plan By Rickshaw Tour Of Tokyo Sky Tree


Cost: ¥11,500.00 Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

If you’re not in a hurry, the 70-minute relaxing rickshaw plan will let you see Asakusa in a more laid-back manner. The rickshaw puller or shafu will guide you through Asakusa starting from the front of Kaminarimon, going wherever your heart desires.

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Kanpai And Karaoke Asakusa

Cost: ¥28,321.00 Duration: 3 hours

Get ready for a unique, unforgettable evening in Asakusa with KANPAI and KARAOKE. Discover the best Izakayas (Japanese-style pubs) in Asakusa and eat, drink, and party like a local. After indulging in the best food and drinks, you’ll be taken to a favorite local karaoke spot for an evening of fun and music. If you’re looking for a slice of local nightlife, this activity is worth the splurge!

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Japanese Papier-Mâché Painting Experience in Taito

Japanese Papier M Ch Painting Experience In Taito Asakusa

Unleash your creative side with the Japanese Papier-Mâché Painting Experience in Taito. For just ¥3,500.00, you get to paint your very own papier-mâché souvenir, choosing from a Daruma, Manekineko, or Fox mask. There’s no right or wrong way to do it – it’s all about letting your imagination run wild. So, get ready to get your hands dirty and create your very own unique piece of art!

Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: from ¥3,500.00
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Traditional Geisha and Tea Ceremony Experience in Asakusa

Traditional Geisha And Tea Ceremony Experience In Asakusa

Dive into traditional Japanese culture with the Traditional Geisha and Tea Ceremony Experience in Asakusa. For ¥20,650.00, enjoy a two-part experience: first, savor tea made by a geisha, then learn to make your own under the guidance of a tea ceremony teacher. A small group setting and a chance for photos with a geisha make this a truly intimate cultural encounter.

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: from ¥20,650.00 (Price varies by group size)
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Nikko, Nature and World Heritage

Nikko Nature And World Heritage Asakusa

Set off from Asakusa and get out of the city and into nature with a day trip to Nikko, a spot famed for its beautiful harmony with nature. This 11-hour tour for ¥22,000.00 will take you to the key highlights of Nikko, allowing you to explore this stunning area in a day.

Duration: 11 hours
Cost: from ¥22,000.00 (Price varies by group size)
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Private Tokyo Tour with a Japanese Guide

Private Tokyo Tour With A Japanese Guide Asakusa

Craving a more personal experience? Check out this Private Tokyo Tour with a Japanese Guide. For ¥35,000.00, spend 6 to 8 hours exploring Tokyo with a young, local guide. This fully customizable tour offers a refreshing perspective on Japan’s bustling capital, and an opportunity to experience real Japanese life.

Duration: 6 to 8 hours
Cost: from ¥35,000.00 (Price varies by group size)
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Asakusa: Ultimate 3-geisha experience for group of max 4 after history tour

Asakusa Ultimate Geisha Experience For Group Of Max After History Tour

Immerse yourself in Japanese culture with this Ultimate 3-geisha experience. For a steep ¥141,923.00, you’ll get a detailed history tour and an intimate evening with three geishas, complete with traditional music, games, and a seasonal kaiseki cuisine. The experience is designed for a small group of maximum four guests, ensuring a personalized experience.

Duration: 6 hours
Cost: from ¥141,923.00 (Price varies by group size)
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Asakusa: 2-hour history exploration

Asakusa Hour History Exploration

Delve into Asakusa’s past with this 2-hour history exploration. At just ¥7,500.00, you’ll uncover the history of Asakusa and Tokyo, from the origin of Senso-ji temple to Asakusa’s role in Japan’s modernization, all while enjoying freshly-made Japanese sweet snacks.

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: from ¥7,500.00 (Price varies by group size)
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Samurai Sword Experience in Asakusa Tokyo

Samurai Sword Experience In Asakusa Tokyo

Channel your inner samurai with this Samurai Sword Experience in Asakusa. For ¥11,300.00, you’ll be under the guidance of an instructor who has over 10 years of experience in Battodo (swordsmanship), and has won numerous awards in the All Japan Championship.

Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: from ¥11,300.00
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Shin-Ninja Illusion LIVE The REAL-Justice NINJA vs Zombie NINJA- Ninja show with illusion and projection mapping


Shin Ninja Illusion Live The Real Justice Ninja Vs Zombie Ninja Ninja Show With Illusion And Projection Mapping Asakusa

Step into the world of illusions and ninjas with Shin-Ninja Illusion LIVE. At just ¥3,500.00, experience an exciting show that combines the latest illusion and projection mapping techniques, thrilling acrobats, and a narrative that pits Justice Ninja against Zombie Ninja.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes
Cost: from ¥3,500.00
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The Sum Up

As you can see Asakusa truly has a bit of everything—whether you’re into cultural experiences, culinary adventures, or just want to let loose.

Each tour is a unique experience that will give you a fresh perspective on this fascinating district.

Be it a calming tea ceremony or an exciting night of karaoke, there’s an adventure waiting for you in Asakusa.


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