This is a metropolitan foot park located at the back of southeast part of Odaiba. The park has a lawn park, walking paths, and a barbecue area on the seashore.

Although the park is located in Odaiba, it is said to be “a park that does not look like Odaiba.” As it is located almost opposite to the sightseeing area of Odaiba and there is nothing else, it is a very quiet park where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

The Akatsuki Park Barbecues are free and reservations are not required (first-come-first-served basis), so feel free to enjoy barbecues, and you can also enjoy fishing at the fishing area on the pier.

Since the area is not well served by public transportation, it is best to use a car. This is a place that is more enjoyable for a group of people than for a family barbecue or a stroll.

In the surrounding area, there is the Odaiba district, which has a completely different atmosphere from that of Akatsuki Terminal Park, so you may be able to feel the stillness and movement of Odaiba.

Park Name

Akatsuki Terminal Park
(Akatsuki Futo Kouen)

Park Address 4-7-12 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Facilities and equipment Barbecue area, fishing area
A promenade along the seashore where the sea breeze feels good You can take a walk while looking out at the ocean! Fishing spots where you can enjoy the sea breeze

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