After four years in the dark, the grand Adachi Fireworks Festival makes its explosive return on July 22nd, 2023.

Adachi Fireworks Festival
Adachi Fireworks Festival

Set against the backdrop of the Arakawa riverbed in Tokyo’s Adachi Ward, this festival sets the stage for the major fireworks festivals in Tokyo, marking the arrival of summer in the city.

What’s It About?

Adachi Fireworks Festival
Adachi Fireworks Festival

Famous for the density of its fireworks launches, the 45th Adachi Fireworks Festival promises to light up the night sky with around 15,000 fireworks in just 60 minutes.

It’s a must-see event that combines artistry and spectacle in a stunning display.

Adachi Fireworks Festival
Adachi Fireworks Festival

The highlights include the Music Star Mine, large-scale set pieces, and laser light performances. The grand finale features a mesmerizing display known as the ‘Golden Weeping Cherry Blossoms’, which blooms across the night sky to the accompaniment of the powerful and majestic “Pomp and Circumstance” music.

Held on the banks of the Arakawa river, the festival boasts unobstructed views, making it easy to enjoy the fireworks from anywhere.

Adachi Fireworks Festival
Adachi Fireworks Festival

For a relaxed viewing experience, the areas around Umejima and Nishiarai on the northern side of the riverbank come highly recommended over Kitasenju on the southern side.

Please note that should adverse weather conditions prevent the fireworks from being launched on July 22nd, there will be no postponement, and this year’s festival will be canceled.

Event Details

Adachi Fireworks Festival
Adachi Fireworks Festival
  • Name: 45th Adachi Fireworks
  • Date: July 22nd, 2023 (Saturday)
  • Time: 7:20 PM – 8:20 PM
  • Venue: Arakawa Riverbed (Between Nishiarai Bridge and the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Iron Bridge)
  • Address: Adachi Ward, Tokyo
  • Fireworks: Approximately 15,000
  • In case of bad weather: Event will be cancelled if not possible due to rain or adverse weather. No postponement.

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Access & Nearest Stations

Southern Side (Senju / Kitasenju Station Side):

  • Tobu Line, JR, Tokyo Metro: 15-minute walk from “Kitasenju Station”
  • Nippori-Toneri Liner: 25-minute walk from “Adachi Odai Station”

Northern Side (Umejima / Nishiarai Side):

  • Tobu Line: 15-minute walk from “Kosuge Station,Gotanno Station,” or “Umejima Station”
  • Note: The northern side, especially “Nishiarai Station,” tends to be less crowded. Moreover, it’s convenient as the Tobu Skytree Line’s section express and semi-express trains stop here.

The Sum Up

Make your July in Tokyo unforgettable with the 45th Adachi Fireworks, a unique blend of tradition and modern spectacle under Tokyo’s starlit sky.

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